Friday, July 1, 2011

A screaming child and Daleks... A day in my life!

Easter 2011

Right now as I am writing my son is screaming at the top of his lungs fighting his dad because he is refusing to nap. And although it is definitely not pleasing to the ears I am 100% content. We have been moving, unpacking, sorting, planning and working so much lately. But thankfully we are being rewarded with a 4 day weekend together. When we first realized it was going to work out, all I could think about is my "honey do" list. But now, I don't care if he doesn't get the yard mowed, the pictures hung or his comic books out of my pretty living room. I just want to enjoy us, the three of us and the two of us. I am sooo excited to relax with my guys. Now my husband has emerged from the bedroom triumphant, that means its time to snuggle and watch some Dr Who then chicken burgers for dinner! YUM!

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  1. Baby ... that's what it's all's nice to know you've already got that figured out! Love u!