Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Chilli

I first made this recipe on Father's Day this year and we fell in love with it. I found it in my Yum-o Cookbook but you can also view it here. It is super easy and Lee cannot get enough of it. I usually stir some sour cream into Caleb's to cut the heat because I add a little extra hot sauce to it. This time I tossed onion, carrots, celery and left over zucchini and squash, from the previous nights dinner, into the food processor. I did the same with the chicken breast since I did not have any ground chicken. I stirred some frozen corn in at the last minute. It is a super easy way to get veggies in my guys who love to eat chicken, chicken and more chicken. You could easily put in some baby spinach or some other type of leafy green goodness. Caleb does love it as you can tell in this picture.

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