Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My comfort drug

When I get stressed or anxious, there is one thing that always make me feel warm and fuzzy.... mashed potatoes!!! I've made them with butter, garlic, wasabi, Worcestershire sauce (don't judge me, its delicious) but my tried and true go to addition is cream cheese. They are so smooth and creamy and it adds just a little tang and richness to them. Just tonight I discovered another amazing add in, Sriracha! Lately, I have been super stressed and I wanted... no, I NEEDED some comfort food! Not just any comfort food would do. I wanted mashed potatoes and I wanted them out of a bowl. For some strange reason, things are always more comforting when eaten out of a bowl. So, I made orange teriyaki salmon with Sriracha mashed potatoes. Now that I am full and the day is winding down, I must say, I feel more relaxed and much calmer.

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