Sunday, July 31, 2011

Caleb's first hair cut

Lee and I have always resisted cutting Caleb's hair because, it took forever for it to look like he even had any and then it started curling. I just could not bring myself to cut those little curls. I knew it was time because he started to rock a mullet. I reluctantly call my Mom (the former hairstylist) and begged her to trim it and she begrudgingly agreed that it was time. No one wanted him to lose his baby curls. The night that we went to have it cut he was tired and cranky so we will have to go back for a second time in the next week or two. She was only able to just barely tip the ends sine he was sssoooo uncooperative.
Not a happy camper. Even bribes of cookies wouldn't work.

For me this symbolized my baby is no longer a baby. Even though on his first birthday, 10 months ago, he was a toddler to me he was still a baby. But now we are trying to potty train and getting hair cuts I have a little boy not a baby boy!  I'm not sure I am ready for this. He is growing so fast and I am always amazed out how he retains so many things and how quickly he learns new things. I wish I could stop time and just enjoy this stage just a little longer.

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  1. He is growing up too fast. I realized that last week when he was able to jump on a 50cc motorcycle without help and start up a goldwing by himself.

    You just have to enjoy each stage as it comes along and make many memories for the both of you.