Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Robot Birthday Part 1

I have been planning Caleb's 2nd birthday party since right after his 1st birthday party. I loved the idea of a robot theme and luckily for me about six months ago he became enamored with robots. I wanted it to be a lot more easy going than the previous party. Last year we rented the party room at our local zoo. We had to be on their time line and only had 30 minutes to set up and they kicked up out before our time was up and we hadn't even opened presents. Luckily Mom's house was just 5 minutes away but still some of his grandparents missed it along with friends and aunts and uncles. I was determined to enjoy this party.

So this post will be about the activities and some of the decorations. I will be posting more decor and food things soon though. The thing that was the most fun was our bouncy rental from Ark Bounce of Cleveland. All of the kids and several of the adults had such a good time bouncing around in there.

He needed a break!

We also brought a smaller tent with a bouncy pad and some balls for the younger kids that were a bit to small for the big bouncy house.

We also had a small table set up with crayons a blank robot cutouts for the kids to color and take home but some how no one got a picture of it. I'm really sad about that too. I think I may call up a photographer friend next year so that I don't have to worry with blurry images, craptastic pictures and straight up forgetting some things!

We also gave out the cutest favors too.

I got the idea from Meandmyinsanity.com. She always super cute ideas for parties. I ♥ her blog so much. Once again I called in my Mother-in-law, Sharon, for the fun task of using the hot glue gun. She tells people, "Ashley has the ideas and I follow directions really well" which makes me giggle. She is secretly crafty she just doesn't know it.

This is cute little Sophia and her mom, Jana. Isn't Sophia the cutest!?!?!?!? I just can't get enough of her.

My Mother-in-law, Sharon and my bestie, Jackie's little mister, Jaxon. How handsome is he!?!?!? I think he knows it too.

You can kind of see the coloring table in the far right hand side of the picture. While all the kids jumped we all talk and mingled an ate. Which reminds me ...

This is the food table and I am really proud of how it turned out. The backdrop is a little wonky but there was a little drama surrounding it. I will  get into that in the next post or two though.

And of course we how cute is my little monkey!?!?!?

We had to help him blowing out his candles...

I also color coordinated out outfits. Yes I have been watching to much Tori and Dean. Tori Spelling always dresses her family according to the theme or color scheme of the kids parties and I love that! More on our outfits later.

We also told people that they didn't need to buy him any presents and some people listened and then others didn't Hey Unc! I'm talking to you!!!!! Caleb is having so much fun with everything he got. He has honestly already played with everything. 

So that is a little but more of the party we had this past weekend. Stay tuned for more. Believe it or not I have already started planning the next party.

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  1. You did a great job!! Everything looked great!! I would have loved to photograph his party ;-) Hit me up next time!! If you EVER need pics let me know!!