Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two years have flown by...

Today at exactly 12:12 pm my baby boy will be two years old. Two years ago I looked at him for the very first time and in that moment time stopped, no one in existence mattered except for my baby boy, my husband and me.

Today he is running, playing and talking in full sentences, I'm still trying to figure out when that happened. He amazes me everyday and has changed us for the better. While I love to watch him grow and change I really wish I could stop time right now and have him this age for just a little longer. I pray that Lee and I give him the things he needs and show him how to be a a happy, healthy, godly man.

To celebrate today we had Birthday Pancakes for breakfast which are pancakes with sprinkles cooked in topped with homemade strawberry syrup and fresh whipped cream. Yumm!! We are going out for the day and having dinner with all 8 grandparents. He is so very excited to see Nana and Poppa, Nana and Papaw, Mammy and Gramps, and Mimi and Poppy all at the same time.

Happy Birthday Monkey! I love you more than you know and I always always will.

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