Saturday, June 22, 2013


1. My bestie, who is honestly like my sister and my cousin who is my other bestie and also more like a sister and I went to see NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK and BOYZ II MEN and it was AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG!!! oh and 98° was there too, they were good but I never really got into them. We actually started screaming like 12 year old girls and dancing. We looked like idiots but then again so did every other woamn there. 'Cause you know, we were some of the younger people there. hahaha!!!!  We stayed out way passed out bed time and realized we are, in fact, old. You can tell how excited we were just to be out of the house in this picture.
(include them with my actual sisters and I have a lot of them... hmmmmm.... That's pretty awesome. Yep.)

2. Speaking of boy band awesomeness, the bestie made a NKOTB station on Pandora and told me I must. I may have made one on Pandora and iheartradio, you know, just to be thorough and stuff. Yeah, so... I've been dancing around the house to music I should be ashamed of liking . Even worse I know every single word. Don't judge. Fine, judge me. I don't care, I deserve it.

3. Speaking of amazing Pandora stations. My other new favorite station is a mixture of, Ben Harper, Prince, Bob Marley, Mumford and Sons, Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson and Weezer. Weird right? WRONG! Best. Station. Ever. Created.

4. I'm obsessed with Maxi Skirts right now. I foresee this being my first sewing project in years!

5. How cute is this project Monkey and I collaborated on for his Daddy??? I should point out I interviewed Caleb while he was in the bath (it is literally the only time I could get him to sit still) so that should explain the "My Daddy is best at..." section.

6. I may stop watching SNL now that Bill Hader has left. I mean, how can I carry on without my beloved Stefon??? 

7. I am dying to try this. Seriously honeysuckle syrup, people!!! That is a game changer!!! It's like my childhood in a jar y'all. So, can I come to your house and pick your honey suckle blossoms? I promise not to share my syrup. 

8. Also this is me in a color scheme. True story.

9. I've been planning a Dr. Seuss birthday party for the boys and I cannot stop looking up quotes

10. I see these in my future and thisThis too. 

11. "Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate." That is my new motto. I have no clue who said it and I have tried multiple times to find out. No matter who said it first and no matter what their thoughts and beliefs are that may be the same as mine, or different, there is something so simple yet so important in this thought. This is an idea that seems foreign to us, all of us, today where everyone is scrutinizing everyone else's thoughts, beliefs, outfits, choices, blah, blah, blah. Off my soap box. Have a beautiful weekend!!! 

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