Friday, September 27, 2013


This last weekend we celebrated Monkey's 4th birthday. I cannot believe how quickly this is happening. I want to slow time down so I can enjoy each new stage and really soak it all up. Most days I feel that way, then there are others but, most days I would keep him this age for years.

I am so making this next week and this and this. My poor husband never knows what he is coming home to when it comes to dinner.

I am finally embracing Fall but I just can not get into pumpkin in my coffee. Le ewww! However, salted caramel mochas always come out the same time as pumpkin lattes and those my friend, are the bisnaaaasss!

Speaking of Autumn, I can't tell you how happy I will be to get my boots out! But I'm in the need of a new pair I wore my favorite pair last year so much they're showing a lot of wear. I can't decide but I'm thinking something like these or these or these. You know maybe I need to stopppp with the combat trend and move towards booties like these or these as my go to fall/winter shoes. I also really really really want these but can find no justification for them in my wardrobe.

I cut 12 inches off my hair just over a week ago and you know what I FREAKIN LOVE IT! I mean, sure I miss a giant messy bun on top my head sometimes but I love how quickly I can style my hair. Now if I can get the bangs grown out and  my color done I will be one happy camper.

This post is exactly what I needed the other day. I try so hard to be everything for everyone and justify myself and why should I? Why should you? Be the best Mom/parent for your kids be the best you and stop worrying what other parents or people think! 

So yeah, life around these parts has been pretty much same old same old, except one little thing. One teeny weeny, itty, bitty MAJOR HUMONGOUS thing! My Brother-in-law is back from deployment. We couldn't swing a trip to visit when he got back and well, we thought he may want some alone time with his wife first! I know for a fact she needed some time with him before we bombarded them with all of our craziness! But we are all happy and relieved he arrived home safely and I have two boys who can't wait for some Unc time!

Yep, so that is it.. What have youuuu been up to currently? 

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