Thursday, October 3, 2013


The past week was all about Cinnamon, Foxes and Squash.

Today alone, we have watched this video 5 times! Caleb cannot get enough of it.

You've be making you're cinnamon toast wrong. Seriously. I kept seeing pins and blog posts about Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Toast and I just ignored them, until last week. In a week we've had cinnamon toast at breakfast or snack time almost every single day. Both boys are in love with it.

Thai Butternut Squash Soup happened last night and that is the true sign of the beginning of fall in our house. I'll be making this weekly for the next few months. I believe this might be the hubby's favorite thing from my arsenal of recipes.

The other sign of Fall in our house is me getting sick. I woke up with no voice yesterday then it slowly came back late in the day only to wake up with no voice again today. My children appreciate this fact very much, I believe. That may also explain why I feel like I'm dragging more than normal these days. Time to consume a trillion times of my daily allowance of Vitamin C and drink some green tea.

What I really want to drink is a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher from Starbucks but we are on a dining out black out in our house for the next monthish. I'll just look at the picture instead and dream or order dried hibiscus flowers off the interwebs and make my own. Hmmm... Yeah, so I'm off to find my debit card...

So yeah, that's that. Stay tuned for Mango Cardamom Oatmeal and Nutella Brownies later this week and beginning of next week. What are you doing currently?

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