Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mickey Party Part 2: Photobooth

We had so much fun with the super hero masks and toys last year I decided to do a photobooth this year. This particular picture is my favorite of our family shots. It is so us. Me tuning out the craziness, Caleb making faces, Liam doing anything that he isn't supposed to do and Lee trying to manage it.

For the prop station I brought my old cheap Ikea end table and some baskets from around the house out into Mom's yard and set it up next to the back drop. We found a photobooth kit at Party City, snagged some hats, beads and big sunglasses from the dollar store and picked up some mini chalkboards from a hobby store my Sister made the Mickey ear headbands. I'll post a PDF of the the sign at a later date as well. 

For the backdrop we used three $1.00 plastic table cloths from, you guessed it, the dollar store and black curling ribbon tied between limbs of a tree. We hung it the night before and it stayed just fine we hung a banner the next day but I forgot to snap a picture of the finished back drop but I do have a picture of another banner and you can get the same idea. My sister cut those out too. I just made a template out of cardboard and grabbed any scrapbook paper I had in red, black, yellow or kraft paper, printed and solid. We punched holes in the ends and strung and hung it the day of. 

After you've got that taken care of then the only thing left is to have fun! 
***UPDATE: For other info on the party check out this, this and this***.

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