Monday, September 16, 2013


Yeah, so, I've been a bit absent lately. My bad. But I was doing this. That and being sick, again. You know what? I'm over it, not the party, the being sick thing! Anyway, moving on. Oh, and if anyone who went to the party has any pics of the boys blowing out candles send the to me please!!!! I forgot the change the setting on my camera and they were too bright and blurry.

You. Must. Make. THIS! I mean seriously! Make it! We had them last week and I have been craving them since. I foresee them being added to my menu for this week too.

And these! Oh yeah, they're are happening!

I'm starting my plans for another homemade Christmas. When you make majority of your gifts you have to start early. I may have already been listening to A Very She and Him Christmas to get myself in the mood. And with that I realized I turned into my mother...

I cannot wait for my shows to come back! I've managed to go through all 9 seasons of CSI NY and I'm half was through CSI Miami and re-watched How I Met Your Mother beginning to end this summer. I've been high-fiving people a lot and saying Legendary way too much. It's time to watch something new.

Okay, am I the only person that isn't ready to let go of summer produce? I'm so over the heat and can't wait for fall weather but I am not ready to turn my watermelon, peaches, tomatoes and cucumbers loose! My husband on the other hand, is so excited for butternut squash, pumpkin and apple season he can't stand it. I made the menu for the next two weeks last night and I have a couple of summery salads listed and I asked him for requests and he asked for my Thai Butternut Squash Soup, clearly we are NOT on the same page.

Also, how weird am I that I am whining about the end of summer yet I am eagerly making Christmas plans?

My little dude asked to have his hair cut short last weekend. He's always wanted to grow it out but he got so hot in the bouncy house at his birthday party he was OVER IT! So my mom cut it off for him a couple of days later and well, I love it and I hate it. He is always so handsome and the style is much more versatile but now he looks like a little man and that is not okay with me!

Speaking of cutting off hair, I'm seriously considering chopping mine off. Of course but chopping it off I mean not shorter that shoulder length. When your hair hangs all the way down your back that's a lot to cut! If I do I'll be donating it. I've been growing out my hair for 5 years and I love it, but now is so long it won't hold any curl it has no shape and I think its making me look older, and we cannot have that! Look my age or dress my age, NO WAY! So I'm on the hunt for a new do but I think I want to go outside my comfort zone! I will be dying it for sure probably super dark but I really really want to add dark purple to the bottom. Apparently my brain didn't get the memo I'm now 30. Yikes!

Oh and at 13 months my little Doodlebug has finally decided that after two months of faking us out he is really going to walk! He's been taking several steps at a time for the past two days. It's been all in his head that he couldn't. He obviously had the balance and muscle tone seeing that he could stand and bounce unassisted for 5 minutes (yes we timed him) at a time but he would panic and lunge at us knowing we would catch him to stop him from slamming his head onto our hardwood floor. Needless to say I am one proud Momma!

I'll be back tomorrow with a Photobooth post and hopefully again on Thursday with recipes from the party. If all goes according to my plans the next couple of days. Which translates to if the heathen nap like they are supposed to!

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