Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Bucket List

I was inspired by this post. I love the idea of a Christmas Bucket List! The season always zooms by, and with a husband who works retail and is so busy this time of year, I feel like we miss out on some many opportunities for fun, memory making time. This is a great way I can do somethings with the boys and plan ahead so that the hubs can be there for the fun times. And this way, hopefully he can leave the rude customers, bad corporate decisions and decrees of extra tasks at work and just enjoy family and still enjoy the season instead of being filled with dread. Hopefully, our boys will look back on Christmas memories with fondness and love instead of remembering Daddy being exhausted and cranky. I am just like my Mom, we love, love, LOVE Christmas and that makes for an interesting combination this time of year but our boys bridge the gap for celebrating. For me its about love, spending time together and and intangible magic that happens but after a decade in retail he almost lost that. He changed his views when our oldest son was born and I work every year to make sure he doesn't become a Grinch. 

Here is our bucket list:
  1. Watch Elf as a family while we drink hot chocolate and eat cookies
  2. Make Chocolate Chip Cookies for Santa
  3. Help the boys make cards for friends and family
  4. Watch Love Actually with the Mr. on date night
  5. Put up 3 trees
  6. Coordinate my gift wrap
  7. Everyone gets new pjs on Christmas Eve
  8. Make treats for my co-workers and the hubby's employees
  9. Make treats for Caleb's Cubbies class
  10. Make homemade fudge and caramels
  11. Make hot chocolate on a stick for friends and family
  12. Give myself a festive pedicure
  13. Make and hang paper snowflakes with the boys
  14. Make salt dough ornaments
  15. Donate toys, clothes and food to charity
  16. Hang light in the dining room and the boys bedroom
  17. Drive around with hot chocolate and coffee looking for Christmas lights
  18. Do portraits with Santa
  19. Watch at least one other random cheesy Christmas movie
  20. Make 1 gift for each kid
  21. Make most of the gifts for our extended family
  22. Make a Nativity with the boys
  23. Make ornaments out of the boys art
  24. Listen to Christmas music on the daily
  25. Visit Rock City
What are your plans this season? Care to join in? I'll be sporadically posting about these actives and Instagraming them as well. 

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