Friday, January 31, 2014


This guy wasn't sure about the snow.
His brother on the other hand, wouldn't stay still long enough to get a clear shot. :)

I feel like I can't get my crap together. That is about to change.

The mister has been home on a staycation this week and we had snow. Although I missed a full day of work it has been lovely staying home with my three favorite guys.

I need this. I feel an adult slumber party with some of my favorite girls coming on because of it.

I kind of love this painting. I want to recreate my own version. Pronto.

I'm dying to put this in my mouth.

...and this.

I do something similar but her process is genius.

Everyone needs to take a note of this.

So that's about it. More soon. What's going on with you currently?

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