Friday, February 7, 2014


I may be addicted to Parks and Recreation.  This poster might be living in my kitchen or hallway very soon.

This makes me happy.

My granny is turning 87 this month and her mind, well, it's, ummm... Let's just say she has good days and bad days. There is paranoia, delusions and no sense of time on the bad ones. But, on the good days, she's my stubborn little Granny who loves to laugh and has been known to drop a cuss word or two and has on a few, okay, several occasions whipped out her middle finger. Anyway, her sister is in the last stages of Alzheimer's and Granny spent the week of Christmas with her nephew to spend some time with my Aunt Viola. So, in true spit fire fashion she decided since she missed our big family get together at Christmas, she wants a party for her birthday, and it better be big. She said she may not hit 90 and she wants EVERYONE to shower her with attention. Of course, now when you ask she says she just wants to see her kids, grandkids and great grandkids nothing big. She's a big ole' LIAR! She wants something major. You should go look at the Pinterest Board that my Mom, cousin and I have been pinning to. If you like flowers, purple, and mason jars you'll love it! I made this little cutie as an inspiration for what we are going for with the theme.

I'll be sharing the invites and menus soon.

I am OBSESSED with this kitchen. In fact, I hate how much I love it. It makes me want to re-do our kitchen something fierce, but I can't so I now hate mine even more because I love this one a little too much!

I need to make this, this, oh and most definitely these! Oh and this, shut the front door, I need it in my life!

So, I finally went to a doctor to help figure out why I felt like I was dying after every meal and in between. I thought she was going to look at me like I was nuts. Apparently I'm not and she has a good idea of what is causing this and I can be fixed! It is either caused by a bacteria, which will mean antibiotics and and acid reducing medicine or caused by the fact that I threw up almost everyday multiple times a day for my last pregnancy and it cause my system to confuse itself and now my stomach won't break down foods properly. I'm not sure how they'll handle the second, which is most likely and harder to prove, scenario. She isn't a fan of just putting me on a medicine and leaving me on it for the rest of my life, which I must say I am thrilled about. I am hopeful. In the mean time, I am not supposed to eat raw fruits and vegetables and eat more carbs. Yeah, so that is problematic for me since I don't eat carbs like crazy (which is not what you would think judging from this blog) and would rather have fruits and veggies. She also recommended that days where I feel particularly horrible to stick with a liquid diet. I asked about juicing and smoothies, since I had already planned on doing that as ways to sneak in extra nutrients, and that is just about the only way my body will deal with the good stuff for the time being. Be prepared for more juice and smoothie recipes. It is so nice to know I'm not nuts, that this is a real thing and won't be a lifetime problem either!

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