Friday, March 14, 2014


Deep Bathtub Fishing is his specialty!

 Waking up is hard work people! 

Post nap L, no makeup for me, and weird sun glare.

He found a new style while moving my Granny into her new apartment.

Finally got to see my bestie on my birthday!

We rarely stop and take sibling pictures. 
Here is the first one in a couple of years. 
How adorable are my "baby" sister and brother? 

Liam and Daddy needed a nap but Liam had other plans.
He smuggled a bag of Chocolate Cap'n Crunch (disgusting) into the bedroom and rolled n it.
Those sheets has just gone on the bed the night before. grrr. Good thing he's cute!

Horrible traffic Wednesday and I was starving. 
Good thing I packed my Green Tea Blueberry Smoothie.

Work on Wednesday = my messy desk, my smoothie and my new glasses!

I totes dressed super professional on Wednesday for work. 
I'm surprised they let me in the door like that!

Lunch time! 
That day I ate a whole avocado with salt and lime juice with about 10 chips.
Is that weird?

I need these overalls. Yes, I said overalls. Don't judge me. 

Suddenly, I feel the need to go buy gold vinyl and pull out the ole Cricut. Why you ask? See here.

I just bought a sushi mat, nori paper and sushi rice. Expect some new sushi recipes once I learn how to make decent sushi. 

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