Thursday, November 29, 2012

Homemade Chirstmas

This year for various reasons we are making all of our Christmas gifts, with the exception of some of the boys gifts. The first one I've made is for our parents aka the grandparents. Therefore if you are one of said grandparents
You will need:

Our first project was a hand print ornament. I used clear glass ball ornaments that I purchased at a craft store. I also bought a red paint pen and red glitter embossing powder. (If you don't own a heat gun you could use either paint or regular ink) For my oldest I used the largest ball I could find for the baby I used a regular sized smaller ball. The larger size comes in a 4 pack the smaller in a 12 pack. I used clear embossing ink and printed the boys hands, stamped on to the copy paper and sprinkled it with the powder. I used the heat gun to emboss the powder. I let it cool, cut out the shape of the hand. I took the top of the ornament off, rolled up the paper and slid it into the top of the ornament, replacing the cap afterwards. I used the red paint pen to write their name and the year. I finished it off with a red ribbon on the top. They don't photograph very well but they are adorable in person. To add contrast you can use either a different color paint pen or embossing powder but I liked the monochromatic color scheme. 

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