Thursday, May 2, 2013


I can not get enough of this song!!!! Its in my head 24/7. I think its my new work out anthem. 

I need a set of these jars in my life! Not sure what I'm going to do with them, but it has been brought to my attention I am hoarder of mason jars. 

I'm dreaming of s'mores. As always, I am addicted to Pinterest and have been finding amazing s'more pins. I've been planning a cookout with my Mom and I am totally and completely beyond excited to try a s'more bar. Seriously, click this link!  Best summer party idea ever! Oh and check out this list of s'more variations! I cannot wait!!!

I want, no, I NEED this bedding. I am trying to re-do our bedroom for the cheap and was planning on reusing our black and and cream curtains that have been in our bedroom for the past 4 years. I came across this bedding and I can't stop looking at it. I found a less expensive version from Target that I will most likely end up with since I'm doing this on a shoe string budget. The plan was black and teal with touches of magenta but clearly that has changed. Not sure what direction I'm going now but I see a frustrated husband in my future. He always wants to bang his head against a wall when I start down a decorating path!

And I want this shirt more than anything right about now. Since I still have yet to shed the baby weight almost a year later I have to say that I am very happy loose fitting tops are in at the moment. I'm working on it everyday but a little camouflage makes the in between time much better. I have always had a love of a good denim shirt and this one is coming to live with me. I plan on paring it with my black maxi skirt and a neon or pastel tank. 

Can I tell you something? I really hate this about my self... I can get totally immersed in a TV show and will not stop watching episode after episode until there is nothing left to watch and then I am lost and must boycott television for a few days until I can clear my head and realize I don't actually know these people and they are not real. I told you I was odd. I used to do this when I read all the time and I have stopped reading anything but magazines now for fear my children would starve! So my current addiction is Fringe. I just finished it, I watched all 5 season in less than 2 weeks, I have a problem. Now I cannot find another show other than my normal weekly shows.The husband has convinced me to give Torchwood a go. I like it and it is an obvious choice for me seeing that we are major Dr. Who lovers. Not sure how I really feel about it just yet.

Saturday we start to move my Granny into an apartment in a retirement home. I could write a book about my feelings there but I don't really want to go into that now, it has been a rough couple of years when it comes to our grandparents. But the reason I even bring it up is because she was heart broken about leaving her flowers so several of us inheriting them and I am very happy about that. I am finally going to have a pretty yard. I've asked for her Iris, Peonies and Hydrangeas. I know between everybody I may not get all of them but I really hope I can beautify my yard. 

Remember these Blood Orange Bars? Well, I have a dilemma,  for the life of me I cannot figure out how to safely ship them them across the world. My brother-in-law is currently deployed and wants some but I have no clue how to get them to him and them still be safe to eat. I'm planning some other cookies and bars for him but I can't come up with anything even in the same ball park that will ship. I'm thinking of making him peanut butter bacon bars and maybe some strawberry blondies (recipe in the works for both) but otherwise I'm lost and taking suggestions!

I have two major time sucks right now, Candy Crush and Plants Vs Zombies. They are ruining my life!!!! Candy Crush has caught my husband too. I know he's playing because he gets very quiet and makes his concentration face then suddenly starts yelling garbled nonsensical sentences. I find Plants Vs Zombies to be the more infuriating of the two and Monkey is totally in love with it. He wants to play it alllll the time. Of course he doesn't really grasp the concept but the thinks he totally rocks at it. 

It seems my boys inherited our allergies, which means no cleaning, chores or project are getting done when all four of us are feeling like poop. I have one who wants to be held all the time and fights sleep like nobody's business and another who is so frustrated by being slowed down that he is breaking out into crying fits for almost no reason. One minute they are both fine and the next they are on the floor pitching a fit and I want to join them. Hoping this pollen count drops soon. I neeeeed a break! Right now I'm just looking forward to my Sunday lunch date with the bestie! It has been way way way too long! I'm going to leave you with something I made to hang in my dining room/craft room eventually. My Grandpa used to sing it to us all the time. I may have it framed for Granny's new place if she wants it. If you like it right click and save it feel free to hang it somewhere. 

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