Friday, May 31, 2013

Father's Day Sneak Peak

I've just started working on the hubby's Father's Day surprise. The past two years Father's Day has been ignored slightly. Two years ago we did just what he wanted stayed home all day but I had NOTHING planned. I may have been subconsciously been paying him back for making me move into the new house on Mother's Day. I don't hold a grudge though, as you can tell. Then last year I was sick sick sick being pregnant and all. I made him brunch and almost passed out in the process so I was planted on my butt for the remainder of the day by the Mr's orders. This year I have things planned but still figure it will be a day we stay in. We have an agreement he takes me out for Mother's Day and I make sure we can stay in on Father's Day. I still have to plan a day of yummy food. Then we have the gifts. This is what I have so far.

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The plan is to frame this (it is a 5x7) and let the boys paint the frame. He can set it by his bed side or on his desk at work. I found this one on Pinterest but it was geared more to a father of girls and I was wasn't keen on lying to my son on what it said. I don't think at three he's ready for S***.

I'm also working a questionnaire for Monkey to answer about his Dad. Doodlebug is a little too young to talk much less answer just yet. For other ideas check out my Father's Day Board on Pinterest.

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