Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This Saturday my Mom is having another epic family cookout. I may have made a tropical menu compilation.  I'm headed to the store tonight to get the ingredients for the flavored syrups and salsas and maybe a few things for that s'mores bar! Oh yeah! To be continued...

Jesse and The Ripper's on Jimmy Fallon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My inner 10 year old is doing cartwheels in my mind! You should know that my cousin and I both used Forever in our weddings. She used their version, cause she's hardcore Full House FOREVER! I used an acoustic mash-up original arrangement of their's and Beach Boys' version. Luckily, even at 11 my little cousin was a musical genius and worked it out like a pro. 

I am obsessed with Olio Board. I have re designed half my house already. When I run out of rooms I may start redesigning other people's homes! Family and friends you have been warned!

A couple of years ago the hubby and I decided to cancel our cable to save  money since I was cutting back hours at work. Luckily we have every newish gaming system so we can stream Netflix and Hulu through them. Its actually been a great way of monitoring how much tv we watch since we have to seek out what shows we see instead of mindlessly flipping channels. But the down side, other than not having all of our favorite shows available on the tv,  is that I have the tendency to watch that show and only that show until I have watched everything possible. I did that recently with Fringe, Drop Dead Diva and CSI NY. But, my newest obsession is Sherlock! I watched all three episodes from season two while Lee was at work in one day! That was nine hours in his 10.5 hour work day. I feel ashamed of my weakness, but I neeeeeeeeeeed season three to be available! I am SHERLOCKED! If you don't get the reference you should watch it. Seriously!

Rememeber the sneak of the Mickey Mouse party signs I was working on. I have now gone one step farther into crazy and bought me, the hubby and both boys matching Mickey shirts. I have crossed the line into THAT Mom.

My Caleb has been OBSESSED with the song Thrift Shop by Macklemore since it came out. (Don't worry he's only heard the edited versions) He has been running around singing "I got tenty in my pockets, come on, come, yeah, yeah" for months! It is adorable! He has recently moved on to Mirrors  by Justin Timberlake, which I'm totally ok with. That is my jam! Everyday he will randomly steal my phone and I will hear the song blaring from another room and when I walk in he will be doing a "white boy" dance to it. He cracks me up when choosing his music prefrences. He's never really been one for "children's songs" he has always liked regular music. I think that is why he loved Imagination Movers. When he was 18 months to 2 he always asking for the "magi eeee me" song (Magic by B.o.B. featuring Rivers Cuomo.) Liam's music choices seem to be more of a normal baby. He likes "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Skidamarick." He also really likes the Spider-Man song too. Maybe he isn't really that typical.

I've been on a crazy salad kick lately. I think it may have to do with that hunk I am married to learning to love lettuce. Be prepared for my next few posts to include several salads. I'll even try to keep them healthy too, but I don't make promises. 

I am on a crazy organizing, sorting and tossing out of crap kick too. It is to the point I'm barely interested in anything else. My brain is sort, sort, toss, Mickey Mouse, Cookout, sort, sort, toss, oh maybe I should eat, sort, etc... You get the point. Be prepared for more on that too.

And last but not least, actually the best part, my Mother in law called me today to tell me we are down to 75 days. 75 days until my Brother in law is back in the states for good!!! No more of this deployment crap!!! We are all very excited but I can tell you no one more than my Sister in law. I haven't told Caleb yet but I'm sure there will be much rejoicing.

So, what is new with you? 

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