Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One year ago today... (a little late)

*** This post was meant for Sunday morning, when Liam actually turned one but we were too busy celebrating and I forgot to post it. We also had our traditional family dinner for his birthday, I'll post pics soon.

One year ago at 6:08 Liam was born and my life changed, again. I transformed into a mother when Caleb was born almost 4 years ago but I didn't know if my heart could hold enough love for another precious human being. It did. I had no idea I was capable of loving two people so much and so similarly and so differently. Liam has changed our house, he has changed each of us.
We all adore him and he knows it. His brother loves him more than we knew would be possible but he also annoys his brother more than we knew possible too. He worships his brother like nothing I have ever seen. Liam lights up when Lee walks through the door every night from work. He loves playing with his daddy and he adores him more that he realizes. He looks at me with a love that I have never seen before. Caleb loves me, but he is as much a daddy's boy as he is a mommy's boy, Liam on the other hand wants to be with me 24/7. He looks at me as if I am his whole world, and I am in awe of him. Caleb loves to play with him and wants him to do everything thing he does, as long as he doesn't have to share his food. My favorite thing though, is watching them play. Caleb loves to grab him and sing to him "Baby Doodles, Baby Doodles, such a cute baby" and Liam cracks up laughing and wraps his arms around Caleb's neck like he never wants to let go.
Of course they fight already too. There may have been a baby, blanket burrito situation where Liam was really annoying Caleb and he may have wrapped him in a quilt and rolled him off the couch, while I was running through the house, in what felt like slow motion doing the whole "Nooooooooooooooooo" slow motion voice thing too. He was fine, in fact he thought it was fun and started trying to roll off the couch and bed himself after that. But when asked why he did that Caleb solemnly looked at me and said "Mommy that was plan B." What, the what? I know Lee and I will be breaking up fights in the future but I know they will be as thick as theives. This boy has made our home so much louder, chaotic and crazy but he has also made it happier, more joyful, and brighter. I would not change a thing and I cannot wait to see who this little sticker becomes. He is such a happy baby and so smart too. I know all Mom's think that but truly my children are the smartest! :) Liam has made our home feel complete.
Happy Birthday Liam Mommy and Daddy love you!

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