Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life happens.

Okay, seriously, life keeps derailing my baking plans! In the middle of the night last Friday my sweet boy, who just came back from vacation, started barfing his guts up! (sorry for the grossness) Which meant little, to no sleep, for any of us. So of course, the cupcakes that I had planned to make for my brother in law's welcome home party didn't happen. I did manage to make a trifle and homemade flour, that rocked my baking world. After a surprisingly quick recovery everyone voted to bring sick kiddo to the party and he refused to leave that night. He stayed at my in law's house Saturday night and contaminated EVERYONE. So after two wonderful days spending time with family, the husband and I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday barfing our guts up! Now it's Wednesday, I haven't made cupcakes, brownies, or even gone grocery shopping. Also ordering pizza once you think you can keep food down but are too weak to cook or drive, yeah, NOT a good idea!! Don't do that, EVER, bad things happen. Now my kids have come down with the crud but, I'm just happy its not another stomach bug. I'm off to sterilize my bathroom for the trillionth time, you know, just in case. Then I plan to tackle some baking tonight or tomorrow morning before I go to work. I also have a DIY Minion costume top get started on. I have big plans for Halloween sweets too, if nothing else happens!!!

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