Thursday, October 17, 2013

Past Halloween Costumes

With Halloween coming up, I thought I would share my boys' previous costumes. We bought the costumes they wore when they were new babies, simply because it is easier to plan a head that way. Caleb has had a costume made by my mom every year since then.

In 2009, at was just over a month old, Caleb was Yoda.
While I was still pregnant we joked about how all babies look a little like Yoda and thus this costume was chosen.
My husband is also a bit geek/nerd and that has played a bit of a role in all of Caleb's costume choices. 

Cute this one is, yes.

Then we changed him into a cute little pumpkin onesie and hat.

 How cute was that, right? I mean, do you see the writing on the itty bitty feet???

The next year, 2010, he was still too young to have too much input. He was just barely 1. 
After brainstorming Mom came up with the idea to surprise my husband with a Green Lantern costume. 
It is the hubby's favorite super hero.

Mom used a pair of PJs as a pattern and then painted on the emblem.
He hit a growth spurt right before Halloween so it's a tiny bit small but I loved it then and love it still!

How adorable are they?

In 2011, he was two and very opinionated about his costume choice.
He was very into robots that year. His birthday party was even a Robot Party.

This year we had even less cooperation from him standing still for pictures.

The costume was a silver tunic with silver leg covers that he wore over a black turtle neck and black fleece pants. 
.My Mom hand painted the gears.

I made a jet pack out of a couple of two liter soda bottles and a hat out of a plastic food container.
I used chrome colored duct tape and cut the shapes from the Robotz Cricut cartridge.

He loved it! He wore that jet pack around the house until it was broken beyond repair.
I've promised him a new one, so I may do a DIY post about it. 

Last year, 2012, was the year of the super hero.
His 3rd birthday party matched his costume  for that year once again.
He chose Captain America.

She used the same basic idea from the Green Lantern costume.
She made this one out of a spandex material and painted on the details.
He wanted to wear his adult sized mask and we had his shield but we totally forgot to snap a picture with it. 
We made the boots out of red duct tape and knee socks.
We cut them off at the end of the night.

 My sister is the bestest and made a quick Thor costume. 
She dresses up with some of the other instructors where she teaches. 
Last year they all did super heroes.
This year they are doing Ninja Turtles. She's crazy if the thinks I won't be posting pictures. :)

Liam was a lion.
He was Liam the Lion before he was born, kind of like Caleb has always been monkey. :)

While my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law were out shopping they ran upon it and bought it on the spot. They knew we would be on board with it. 
And we were. he loved be snuggled up in it. 

We also had a back up for him too, like we did when Caleb was a baby.

He wore his spooky onesie with his brother's pumpkin hat. 

This year Caleb is going a Jack Skellington and Liam is going as a Minion. I'm planning a post on how to make the Minion costume. I'll post pictures of Caleb's Jack costume. I truly wish I could share a tutorial but once again my Mom took care of it and I didn't even thing the have her snap progress shots. He wore it on the Disney cruise they went on a couple of weeks back. He loves it and it is my favorite yet! He was asking to be a orange dragon with purple wings that spit real fire and would fly. We were super happy he was on board with the Jack idea since her nor I know anything about pyrotechnics! 

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