Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Fun! {Painted, Glittered and Carved Pumpkins)

I had planned this amazing DIY post for a sophisticated Robin's Egg Blue and Bronze Pumpkin and then this happened. womp, womp, wommmmppppppp... fail city. My washi tape peeled off my paint. But I persevered on, painted that sucker pink, with thin layers this time, then grabbed grabbed white paint, glue and glitter. Tacky is more my style anyway. I'm a little bummed at how it turned out but I foresee another try in my future.

They boys made their own pumpkins too.

Caleb painted his with acrylic craft paints and and glitter glue then glued on googly eyes and craft foam features. He named him Scooby. (Bet you can't tell who his favorite cartoon character is right now)

Liam's was an easy little project. I just painted his hand blue with craft paint and helped him print it around out smallest pumpkin. He loves it. He carries it around and then every once in a while punts its across the floor.

For the big pumpkin, that's always the hubby's job but Caleb always picks the theme, we decided on a scary Jack Skellington. He is a recurring theme in our house... Believe it or not Lee drew on the pattern free hand with no pattern. He's kind of amazing like that. :)

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