Thursday, March 6, 2014

Having a Ball Mason Jar Party

Meet my Granny. Isn't she precious? 
I won't show you the video of us singing happy birthday to her and she decided to start singing to her self.
 I clearly inherited much of my weirdness from her!

Here is the basic rundown of her birthday party. 
It was simple, girly and classic. 

It was also thrown together in record time. The room we were promised from her apartment complex had a scheduled singing before the party that ran an hour over! Since we were just starting to set up 15 minutes before the party started, things didn't look quite neat and orderly as we planned but she was a happy camper and that's what matters. 

(also most pictures kind of stink since I was super rushed to get them)

We used white serving pates, with some wooden and black metal serving pieces.
Basic white table clothes were used along with lavender accent fabric and multicolored wild flowers to bring color to the tables. 

The menu selections centered around her favorite foods. 

We chose her favorite color, lavender as the main accent color and punctuated it with light light light turquoise and pale pink. 

We served sweet tea, lemonade and water and drank out of an array of mason jars. She gave me most of her old canning jars so it seemed fitting that we use those. The kids drank from little jelly jars ans the adults used pint jars. 

The flowers were in quart and half gallon jars.
 My cousin tracked down cute paper straws and matching hard candy sticks. 

I made a cute little sign that clearly stated the theme of the party and paired it with my Mom's ruffle cake.

 We had a photobooth as well. I planned on including it in this post but the website I use to make collages and do some edits is not cooperating at all. I'll share those Monday and I should have the blank menus and invites available to download by Tuesday! 

I'll be sharing the recipe for the pepper jelly that I made and used at this party and the marshmallow frosting that went on those cupcakes and mini lemon pies in the next couple of weeks.

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