Friday, March 7, 2014


I got kicked out of my own bed this morning. 

These guys watched Ghostbusters on the TV and then played games on my phone in my bed now they've moved on to Mario but they still refuse clothes. 

Apparently they want a lazy day to de-stress from their hectic life style. 
(Imagine a giant eye roll and sarcastic hand gestures when reading the previous statement) 

Now, I'm going to weasel my way in and force them to cuddle me! It's my right as their mother, you know. 


My 4 year old clearly takes after his father. No matter how hard we try to keep him away from all things scary, he gravitates to them. Needless to say, he LOVES Halloween. He plans his costumes all year long. They usually change multiple times a year, as of now we are planning a Ghostbuster costume. Looks like I better make the little guy a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume while I'm at it. I better get to googling "DIY Proton Pack" and looking for flight suits.

I'm in love with this Etsy shop. If you follow me on Pinterest, I should probably apologize for taking over your feed yesterday with these prints. Sorry, not sorry.

 Homemade peanut butter baking chips!?!? Oh, yeah! Want to guess who will be trying this out? Yeah, that'd be me.

These! Pardon me while I run to the store for some cashews. BRB!

Better grab some almonds for this granola while I'm there!

I'm turning 31 Sunday. Excuse me while I go barf. Why is 31 so much worse than 30 you ask? Because, my best friend and I have this theory that you aren't in your 30s until you have passed 30. So our little mind trick got us through last year without wanting to hide under a rock, but now there is no turning back, nothing I can do about it, it's staring me in the face. I am in fact in my 30s and I feel OLD! Also they say (who is they anyway? and will they please stop saying things I don't like?) you start falling apart at 30. Guess what? I did.

We have a family tradition of Sprinkle Pancakes for birthday breakfasts. But, since I'm having to be very careful of what I eat these days. I plan on making my self a pina colada spinach smoothie and topping that sucker with sprinkles on Sunday.

But, this is what I really want for my birthday breakfast.

So much good food on the internets right now.

I made a Pinterest Board for my Photobooth obsession. I must figure out how to make a GIANT Moon cutout...

What are you doing currently?

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