Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family Cookout

Well... Ok the title is a bit misleading. We did cookout on the grill that morning but about an hour before there was a huge downpour so we set up inside but luckily it stopped and we could eat out side and the kids could play in the pool. But it was still a bummer because we had a lovely table planned out and anddddd all of decorations clashed with my Mom's hideous wallpaper. (no that is not an insult to her it came with the house she just hasn't gotten it covered up yet) Thenn I went to print out my neon menus and they printed some wacky colors no where near what I designed but they still worked out. It's all good we still had amazing food and so much fun... Until my Granny had to go to the emergency room at the end but that's another story and no worries she is fine. She just gave us a bit of a scare.

You can see more shots on my Instagram feed

How about roasted veggie kabobs? Yum!
And I didn't take a good shot but COCONUT RICE y'all!!! 
So goood!

We had several homemade salsas for the chicken, pork tenderloin and sausages.
Pineapple Mango
Creamy Tomatillo

The "drink bar" had Sweet Tea
with Blackberry Syrup,
Peach Mint Syrup
Lemon and Lavendar Syrup

For dessert we made S'mores.
We set up a S'mores Bar that had so many options and was a hit with the kids and adults. 
Cookie options were:
Graham Crackers
Chocolate Chip (crispy and soft)
Pecan Sandies
and Butter Cake

Marshmallow options were:
Extra Large Plain

Chocolate and Other Goodies options were:
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate
Mini Candy Bars
Lemon Curd
Toasted Coconut
(We were supposed to have a caramel sauce too but I forgot to get it out, oooppsss. Just pretend its there on the otherside of the lemon curd, okay? Thanks.)

We made a list of suggestions but some of the best ones were one of a kind creations!

My little monkey had Chocolate Chip cookie with milk chocolate, a strawberry marshmallow and fresh strawberries.

This one is chocolate chip cookies (soft batch) a plain marshmallow, a mini 3 Musketeers and toasted coconut.

The one on the right was the same as Caleb's first one but minus the strawberries.
On the left was butter cake, a huge marshmallow, Lemon curd and toasted coconut. No chocolate at all.
It was my favorite!

 My cousin, Keith, created this, it was an open face s'more with butter cake on the bottom, a lime marshmallow, lemon curd and toasted coconut. He may have also added a piece of pork tenderloin to it. Not for everybody but that sounds pretty good to me.
My Momma about to try to stuff all of that in her mouth. Her's was butter cake, plain marshmallow, lemon curd, coconut and strawberries.

I'm pretty sure the cake, lemon curd, coconut, strawberries and lime marshmallows were the surprise favorites among the options. I really think we may have to recreate this idea, sooner than later!

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